Store Additional Information About Clients

You can now store additional information about your Clients such as date of formation or birth, tax registration numbers etc. This is an intermediate update while we work on making this list of fields customizable. The vision is to let you define your information structure via custom fields.

As we work towards the eventual Custom Fields update, we’ve tried to make this list of available fields elaborate. If we’ve missed out on something that you wish to associate and store with Clients, please drop us a line.

Set Rules To Automate Task Allotment

Tasks or Sub-Tasks can be allotted to specific users in your team. But going by the automate as much as possible philosophy, Firmzen now enables you to automate work allotment to users based on some pre-configured rules.

If a person in the team handles all work related to a certain Client, you can associate the person with the Client and automate allotment of all related future work to that person. Likewise, if a similar relationship exists between your teammate and a certain type of Service, you can associate the teammate with the Service and all future work related to this Service will be automatically allotted.

A combination of the above can be applied too, to automatically assign all work of type Service X for Clients A, B, C to teammates Y and Z.