Deactivate Or Delete User Accounts

You can now deactivate user accounts in your Firmzen team. This will disallow those users from logging in to Firmzen. Alternately, you can choose to delete the user account entirely.

The benefit of deactivating over deleting is that any data related to the user account is retained along with faithfully reproducing the real world action of disallowing access to your Practice’s data. Deleting a user account also deletes all data related to it.

Categorize Your Services

Service, is a term that obviously the Service Industry relates with the most. It often signifies a well defined set of processes the Business follows for its Clients. Creating a list of Services in Firmzen, is in a way, creating a digital representation of your Business or Practice. You can now categorize your Services and logically group the related ones together.

Staying true to our tradition, here’s an example application of this feature in relation to the Accounting Industry. All Services related to a certain Act, such as the Income Tax Act can be grouped together. This enables you to filter your data throughout Firmzen on the basis of your Service categories.

Automate Daily, Weekly, Monthly Tasks

With Firmzen’s flexible date specifier, you could easily auto-generate tasks recurring annually, quarterly or monthly.Firmzen now makes it easy to auto-generate daily, weekly or fortnightly Tasks too.

Given the permutations and combinations that you can apply, any complicated recurrence pattern can be represented. For example, you can create a Task recurring – every Monday, every second Saturday & on the 1st of each month!

Introducing Firmzen Contact Manager

We’re happy to introduce the first version of an integrated simple Contact manager. How are Contacts different from Clients? Well, Clients are the entities for which you implement jobs and raise Invoices. Contacts can be associated with Clients.

Consider an example related to the Accounting Industry. You could be filing ITR for a family of 4 individuals. One of those could be your point of contact for all those jobs. Here you could create 4 Clients and 1 Contact person associated with all these Clients.

Bulk Edit Your Data Using Excel Sheets

Data stored in excel sheets comes in handy in several scenarios, including while mirgrating to or setting up a new system. Most softwares these days allow importing and exporting data in excel friendly formats. If they don’t, that’s a bad omen!

Firmzen supports importing new data and exporting existing data from excel sheets in format friendly ways. Increasing the utility of those excel sheets, you can now update a large chunk of your existing data in Firmzen using excel sheets. An example scenario where this comes in handy – importing your Client information gradually. You can first import basic Client details such as Name and Contact Info to get going. Thereafter, at a later point in time, you can upload another excel sheet and provide further details about existing Clients’ records in Firmzen.

Feedback System – Firmzen Wants To Hear From You

Since Firmzen’s inception, we’ve been listening to our customers and potential customers while formulating a road-map and executing on it. We’re focused on building a tool that is functionally adequate, easy to use, takes as little of your time as possible, and is pleasing to the eye too. After all, we’re a bunch of user experience and design freaks.

We want to make it very easy for you to reach out to us with feedback, good and bad, especially bad, so Firmzen continues to improve and serve you well. Continue reading