Invoicing And Payment Tracking

While it was previously difficult for high volume service providers to ensure billable work or collection doesn’t leak through the bucket, now it is impossible for anyone to forget to bill for a task – or collect money for the same – no matter how high the volume of work and clients.

It’s finally here. The big release we’ve been working on for a while. We’re proud to release a grand and brand new core feature in Firmzen - Invoicing and Payment tracking.  Continue reading

Simplify Work Review

Given the volume of work involved in Service Industries, it could become daunting to get a bird’s eye view of the status of overall work. Or you might want to get a complete picture of how things stand with a certain Client. Or how has an employee performed over a specific duration. Or  a permutation combination of such questions.

In the past, you might have had to take a break from work, sit back, reconcile and exert to figure out the overall progress of work – for a client or by an employee or just overall. That’s what this update addresses.

User Privileges And Roles, Access Restriction

This update enables setting granular Privileges or rules for Users, restricting or allowing access to different modules. A set of such rules can be combined together to create User Roles. It is an easy and thorough way to define what certain Users can see and what they can edit in Firmzen.

Firmzen is being used by teams of varying sizes – from a one man army to a 100 people Firm. As the team size grows, so does the complexity around maintaining separation of concerns. Having smaller teams within teams and restricting access to certain information from certain levels of Users. That’s what this update aims at.

Keep A Trail Of Changes Over Time

Introducing the Trail – which lets you track how certain parameters of your Practice change over time. We’ve introduced this concept with few selected parameters as of now. For example, you can now keep track of how your employee salaries and hourly rates change over time. This concept has also been applied to Task allocation. You can look at how work allocation happened for a specific Task or Client or Service. The entire delegation history is tracked.

This is an interesting concept that could be applied to many more information points in Firmzen. If you feel so too and would like to suggest an interesting application of this concept, please drop us a line.

Assign Work To Designations Instead Of Users

Steps or Sub-Tasks can be assigned to User Designations instead of explicit Users. This implies that when you assign the main Task to a User, Firmzen automatically deduces which Sub-Tasks the User is responsible for and intimates them accordingly. It helps automate work allocation at a granular level without extra effort.

It may not sound like much, but having seen practical examples, this actually automates a lot of work in mid to large sized Practices. It helps you get more organized while reducing the effort required to do so.

Better Manage Your Lists Of Data

Data keeps getting bigger, doesn’t it? There’s so much to track that inevitably your lists keep getting bigger. Lists of Clients, Tasks, Contacts and much more. Managing these becomes a challenge. Here’s an effort to take on this challenge.

In all modules of Firmzen, wherever you see a list of items, you can use several customization options to design the look and content of those lists based on your taste and requirement. View tables or streams of data, choose the amount of information required, group data differently.