We’re happy to introduce support for Firmzen Customers across the globe. This update packs features such as multiple currencies, configurable fiscal year and much more. This is thanks to our CPA users who’ve guided us in getting this right. If you do not find the Currency option that you wish to use or find a geographically induced requirement missing in Firmzen, please drop us a line. Coming soon, is support for sending International SMS reminders.

Multiple Taxes In Invoices

Many Firms we come across still generate invoices manually. Digitally, but manually. The most common reason shared is the flexibility and customizability that a Word or PDF Editor provides.

In our opinion, that’s actually a very valid reason and depicts the general human tendency of why we adopt or resist technology. The moment technology becomes limiting (knowing my Invoices will HAVE to be structured according the the format followed by a certain software), resistance is natural.  Continue reading

In-App Notifications

Here’s the release of a long overdue feature – Notifications. Every time an important event or change occurs in Firmzen while you’re away and which is relevant to you, the sytem generates a Notification. The next time you log in to Firmzen, you do not need to scan for changes, the system tells you what’s new that’s of significance for you.

Wray Rives, CPA (USA) uses Firmzen

You hooked me. I can definitely see benefit for practice management. The implementation is good. I like that it is very task oriented which is how I usually need to plan my workflow.

Wray Rives
Founder, Rives CPA PLLC, NeedaCFO. Certified Public Accountant. Chartered Global Management Accountant.