Intelligent, Auto-Generating, Recurring Tasks

So you create services according to your Practice’s processes. Some of them are processes for on-demand services (such as Incorporation), some scheduled – having departmental deadlines that recur every year. Within a year, a certain activity might repeat several times – monthly / quarterly / half yearly etc. We took all of this into account and gave you the ability to define Services from zilch to whatever complexity might be involved in the procedure and recurrence. In a way, we let you document your Practice.  Continue reading

Task Numbers – Unique Work Reference Codes

“A simple, single, unique code – to refer to a specific task, that I can just pass around in my team or even share with my client”…that’s what a lot of you asked for, that’s what we’re happy to release today.

Every task is now automatically assigned a unique numeric code. We’ve ensured that all your existing data is also tagged by unique references, which as shared by you all – you can use to refer to a specific job at hand, within your team or with clients too.

Backdating Time Sheet, Expense, Completion Entries

Earlier, the date of action of work logged (work completion, Time Sheet entry, Expense log) coincided with the day you carried out that action in Firmzen. A few users actually preferred it this way; they didn’t want their Staff back-dating any entries in Firmzen, to encourage prompt and timely tracking logging of information, on the day of occurence.

Given the abundance of data and information we work with daily, forgetting to note things down or tracking them in a timely manner can lead to information gaps and make things messy pretty quickly. While this view is understandable, there is often a genuine need to backdate entries.  Continue reading

Kashyap Umesh & Associates (Mumbai) uses Firmzen

Firmzen is a wonderful office management software. It takes care of every possible administrative problem which a professional comes across in day to day management of office. Besides, the support it is backed by is wonderful and one can expect a solution of any problem within a very short span of time.

Umesh Mehta
Partner, Kashyap Umesh & Associates. Chartered Accountants.