Client Collaboration

Simplicity is good, minimalism is good, but neither justify the absence of abilities. Effectiveness is essential. If it doesn’t solve the problem, it is useless, no matter how pretty or simple. This line of thought isn’t just for softwares, it feels valid in many more contexts. Firmzen is arguably one of the most comprehensive practice management solutions for Service oriented firms. The problem we’ve set out to solve is complicated and varied and deserves an elaborate solution. This need not contradict simplicity, it just makes maintaining the simplicity challenging – a challenge we love to take on everytime we work on evolving the product and more so everytime we work on something big.

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Archive Tasks

Here’s an update that works towards helping you keep your work diary clean. You can now select tasks and archive them. This effectively removes or discounts the tasks from all your reports. Archiving could be thought of as canceling a task or temporarily deleting tasks with the intention of optionally retrieving them later. Yes, you can unarchive tasks – which is basically like undeleting / un-canceling / re-opening previously archived tasks.  Continue reading

R C Jain & Associates (Mumbai) uses Firmzen

Firmzen, for our organisation, is nothing but a manifestation of what we already practised conscientiously in a manual form, on screen.

It is backed by a team of talented brilliant young and upbeat enthusiasts who not only promise to assist but go out of their way to ensure that the help reaches us. The level of research, updation, redressal, innovation and yet the extent of ease, humility and accessibility amazes us.

Monitoring our team of 90 and ensuring complete customer satisfaction just got easier, with all the information we need at our fingertips, whenever we want it, wherever we want it. Firmzen was a brilliant choice and with the magnitude of updates, it sure will forever be.

R.C. Jain
Founding Partner, R.C. Jain & Associates. Chartered Accountants.

Custom Fields Designer – Build Your Own App

About a month ago, when we introduced the ability to define your own client information structure (Custom Fields) for our beta testers. We knew it would be a useful feature for our users (because you told us) but we had no idea it would be so useful that our users would outgrow the abilities within days. We saw tens and in some cases hundreds of custom fields being added to the client’s information structure and soon the feature became difficult to consume. We heard from you again, we heard you again and we’re out with another major step forward in making your lives easier. Introducing – a visual Custom Fields Designer.

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