Automate Payment Follow-Ups With Invoice Reminders

If you’ve ever billed a client, and have had to follow up multiple times for pending payments, this post will resonate. Pending payment follow ups – it is one of those things that you absolutely cannot ignore or avoid. It’s your hard earned money at stake after all. It is also one of those things that you don’t really want to spend too much time doing. It sometimes also ends up being one of those things that you avoid doing, out of shyness or out of some misplaced fear of irritating your clients.

Why should you be shy? Why should you not pester a client that does not pay on time? Even if you are trying to protect your long term customer relationship, wouldn’t it be nicer if consistent follow-ups did happen and you could blame it all on some automated system that is doing it! Sign up and check out such a system.

Invoice Templates And Custom Numbering

If you raise Invoices on behalf of multiple Firms, this update is extremely beneficial for you. You can now store multiple Invoice templates in Firmzen and apply the relevant template when generating an Invoice.

With multiple templates, there comes the obvious need for maintaining independent numbering series with each template. We’ve taken this a step further and developed a Custom Invoice Numbering system, which you can use to generate Invoice numbers of your choice and pattern. For example – INV-1, ABC/2014/1 etc.