Announcing Support For International SMS

This one’s for all our users from USA, UK, Uganda, Malta & India -¬†we’re excited to announce support for sending international SMSs using Firmzen.

The experience is as seamless as before. You create your SMS or select a predefined template, enter recipients (even mix and match recipients from all over the globe for a single SMS if required) and Send the message! Firmzen takes care of using the appropriate gateways behind the scenes to ensure fastest, most reliable delivery and cheapest costs!

Why should sending SMSs from a computer be any more complex than sending emails the way we do? It shouldn’t. With this release, on Firmzen, it isn’t.

Consolidated Updates On Clients

Fragmentation is one of the biggest issues and consolidation a big problem in managing Professional Services firms. Data is spread all across systems, people, files, emails etc. Creating and following unified and standardized processes is the backbone of any growing firm. Technology is unavoidably at the center of these processes. But technology itself isn’t always fragmentation-proof.

Take a simple scenario for example – a CPA firm is using a software that manages workflow, tasks, bills, documents etc. for its clients. Different employees of the CPA firm handle specific areas for this client. Status updates are posted all the time. Continue reading