Tasnim Mustafa, Barnes & Scott (London) uses Firmzen

Firmzen is a unique tool for accountancy practices that is light years ahead of its competition in terms of usability, job scheduling and customer support. It can be fully customised to work within almost any regulatory regime and has transformed the way that we monitor deadlines and manage our workload internally.

We chose Firmzen because it does exactly what we need it to do in a simple, effective and scalable manner. We have been very impressed with the ambitions of Sameet and his team and the excellent level of support that we have received. We’re looking forward to working together and being involved in the future development of the product.

Tasnim Mustafa
Barnes & Scott, Chartered Accountants. London.

Manage work for clients with different year ends and deadlines

A fiscal year is basically a one year period used for calculating financial statements related to an organization. It is used as a reference period to adjudge an organization’s recent financial performance. A fiscal year need not coincide with a calendar year. In some countries, the fiscal year is from April 1 to March 31 next year. In others it is 1 July to June 30 next year and in some, it is actually consistent with the calendar year – 1 January to 31 December.

The twisted bit is – in several parts of the world, businesses are allowed to select their own fiscal year! Continue reading

Happy Chartered Accountants & Doctors Day

Some feel it’s frivolous to celebrate certain relations or professions on certain days – Mother’s day, Father’s day, Friendship day, the ever so popular Valentine’s day… and then those for professionals such as Doctors day, Chartered Accountants day – both of which incidentally fall on the same day for Indian professionals – July 1.

We say why not. To a large extent, life gets busier as it progresses. So what’s the harm in these little reminders of celebration.  Continue reading