Personalize, white label with Firm and Invoice Logos

It’s time for logos and profile pics! We’re happy to release several personalization and white-labeling options today. From something as simple as putting up your profile picture, to customizing your Invoice to reflect your brand, to improving brand recall during online client collaboration.

The look of your Invoices is now far more controllable with options to customize the layout, colors and the ability to put your logo on them! Another heavily requested ability Рis that to put your own logo on the login screen, especially to ensure when you grant your clients access to their portal, they land on a screen that reflects your brand, one that they know.

Easier time and expense tracking

Tracking your effort investment on a task is vital to be able to bill appropriately. Even if you bill on fixed fee basis, tracking your effort invested tells you whether you under or over charged your customers. It’s the most basic cost benefit analysis that should be considered when fixing future rates. Tracking this effort in the form of time and expense tracking related to tasks, has been a part of Firmzen for a while now.

In our professional lives, time and money is not always spent on a client facing task, is it?  Continue reading