Invoicing And Payment Tracking

While it was previously difficult for high volume service providers to ensure billable work or collection doesn’t leak through the bucket, now it is impossible for anyone to forget to bill for a task – or collect money for the same – no matter how high the volume of work and clients.

It’s finally here. The big release we’ve been working on for a while. We’re proud to release a grand and brand new core feature in Firmzen - Invoicing and Payment tracking. Firmzen now covers the whole 3 step cycle that we set out to optimize:

  1. Generate repeatable, scheduled tasks automatically
  2. Remind clients over SMS / emails automatically
  3. For completed work, raise Invoices and track payment

From work planning to tracking to billing, the whole experience resides inside one comprehensive solution. We were working with a few customers closely to get this experience right and would like to specially thank them all for their inputs. Together, we feel we’ve built something special! We’ve released this publically for all customers now and some of the words we’ve been hearing from them are “simple”, “good looking”, “very helpful”. As always, we’ve no intention of stopping at this level. We are keen to hear words like “very simple”, “beautiful” and “essential”.