Find Answers To All Your Practice Related Queries

Data, data, data! There’s a plethora of data that you (should) capture on a day to day basis managing your Practice. There are lists everywhere – lists of Tasks, Clients, Invoices and more. And with a growing practice, these lists tend to grow exponentially. Capturing data in day to day operations is essential but it makes sense only when you interpet it, with the fitlers that you want.

Today Firmzen introduces advanced multi-query search capability that allows you to slice and dice your data the way you want with as many filters as you want. Continue reading

Automate 80 Percent Operations By Assigning Recurring Services To Clients Using Matrix

Firmzen is not a traditional project management software. The biggest difference between Firmzen and the Asanas or Basecamps, is that Firmzen excels at recurrence automation and scales well at that.

In industries such as Accounting and Company Law, highly repeatable processes are followed for several thousands of clients, often on a recurring basis. The bigger your workload gets, the more intrusive and difficult it becomes for a traditional task tracking system to handle it. This is the problem Firmzen solves.  Continue reading

IT-Enable Your Practice In Minutes With Excel Import

Growing volume of clients, but you’re still not sure if you should invest into IT enabling your practice?

A sentiment we come across a lot, one of the first and most frequently expressed reactions: “I have thousands of clients. All that data is already fed into an excel sheet or another software that I use for filing taxes. I don’t have the time or patience to enter each client’s information into a system, one by one, all over again”. Well, we understand and agree, and we’ve ensured that you don’t have to. Introducing Bulk Import – using excel sheets.  Continue reading

Schedule SMS and Email Reminders

Firmzen now enables scheduling and automatically sending SMS and Email reminders to your contacts. For repeatable tasks, such reminders can be configured to be automatically sent X days in advance, every time the task’s due date approaches.

This effectively means that you can automate the process of reminding several hundreds or thousands of clients for any monthly / quarterly / annual Compliance related activities such as Income Tax Return filing, Service Tax payment or simply for a one-off pending bill payment.

This update facilitates doing a whole day or two’s work in a couple of minutes and the benefit amplifies when used with recurring tasks. You wouldn’t need to remember to remind your clients anymore.

The Chartered Accountant’s Information Problem

If you have even a passing interest in project management / management information systems or in what Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries and Certified Public Accountants do (and why they always seem so stressed), then absolutely read on.

In February of 2012, we were approached by a Chartered Accountant (let’s call him Swapan) who had a seemingly simple problem. Swapan’s firm was growing, and he needed to ensure that across thousands of deliverables for his hundreds of clients, not a single one ever slipped through the cracks. Continue reading