Companies House Deadline Tracking Made Easy

In the UK, companies choose their own year end. Companies in UK report to two entities – HMRC and Companies House. These entities are separate and the year end with one need not be the same as that with the other. This makes tracking all compliance deadlines challenging, not just for companies, but more so for accountants who manage hundreds of such companies.

The HMRC year end is agreed between the company and HMRC. The deadlines are: Nine months and one day for the tax payments and 12 months for the accounts. Continue reading

Personalize, white label with Firm and Invoice Logos

It’s time for logos and profile pics! We’re happy to release several personalization and white-labeling options today. From something as simple as putting up your profile picture, to customizing your Invoice to reflect your brand, to improving brand recall during online client collaboration.

The look of your Invoices is now far more controllable with options to customize the layout, colors and the ability to put your logo on them! Another heavily requested ability – is that to put your own logo on the login screen, especially to ensure when you grant your clients access to their portal, they land on a screen that reflects your brand, one that they know.

Easier time and expense tracking

Tracking your effort investment on a task is vital to be able to bill appropriately. Even if you bill on fixed fee basis, tracking your effort invested tells you whether you under or over charged your customers. It’s the most basic cost benefit analysis that should be considered when fixing future rates. Tracking this effort in the form of time and expense tracking related to tasks, has been a part of Firmzen for a while now.

In our professional lives, time and money is not always spent on a client facing task, is it?  Continue reading

Manage work for clients with different year ends and deadlines

A fiscal year is basically a one year period used for calculating financial statements related to an organization. It is used as a reference period to adjudge an organization’s recent financial performance. A fiscal year need not coincide with a calendar year. In some countries, the fiscal year is from April 1 to March 31 next year. In others it is 1 July to June 30 next year and in some, it is actually consistent with the calendar year – 1 January to 31 December.

The twisted bit is – in several parts of the world, businesses are allowed to select their own fiscal year! Continue reading

Crowdsourced Services Library

Till today, Firmzen offered “technology” value only, so to say. Today, we’re proud to add “content” value to the offering also.

We’re happy to introduce the Services Library – a crowdsourced list of services offered by Professional Services firms all across the globe. Professionals such as accountants, company secretaries etc. that are using Firmzen, all over the world have contributed to this library, and we’ re eternally grateful to our customer community.

Continue reading

Doing all we can to help

We’re a small, young and committed team, solving the ERP problem for the professional services industry. Whenever a lead becomes a client, we effectively have a new addition to our team. We receive amazing inputs that gives us much needed guidance and tremendous encouragement that keeps our morale high!

For all our clients and friends, we’re just a phone call away. Beyond that still, we’re happy to release other ways on our platform that can help you communicate with us and that can help you solve a problem you face while using Firmzen – often yourself. We’re happy to release the Help Center, comprised of the following: Continue reading

Tasks, Sub-Tasks, Sub-Sub-Tasks…

We love Workflowy - a to-do list creator that offers unlimited amount of nesting. It basically allows you to create to-dos or tasks to track, then split them into sub-tasks, then split each of those into sub-tasks, creating sub-sub-tasks and so on. You can create as many subs as you want. And it’s great! At least for some individuals, it really is.

It’s always good when technology isn’t limiting. When an app doesn’t enforce too many constraints and allows you to use it the way you want, or the way you expect it to work, it really sticks. It is liked, used, re-used. Continue reading

Announcing Support For International SMS

This one’s for all our users from USA, UK, Uganda, Malta & India - we’re excited to announce support for sending international SMSs using Firmzen.

The experience is as seamless as before. You create your SMS or select a predefined template, enter recipients (even mix and match recipients from all over the globe for a single SMS if required) and Send the message! Firmzen takes care of using the appropriate gateways behind the scenes to ensure fastest, most reliable delivery and cheapest costs!

Why should sending SMSs from a computer be any more complex than sending emails the way we do? It shouldn’t. With this release, on Firmzen, it isn’t.

Consolidated Updates On Clients

Fragmentation is one of the biggest issues and consolidation a big problem in managing Professional Services firms. Data is spread all across systems, people, files, emails etc. Creating and following unified and standardized processes is the backbone of any growing firm. Technology is unavoidably at the center of these processes. But technology itself isn’t always fragmentation-proof.

Take a simple scenario for example – a CPA firm is using a software that manages workflow, tasks, bills, documents etc. for its clients. Different employees of the CPA firm handle specific areas for this client. Status updates are posted all the time. Continue reading

Automate Payment Follow-Ups With Invoice Reminders

If you’ve ever billed a client, and have had to follow up multiple times for pending payments, this post will resonate. Pending payment follow ups – it is one of those things that you absolutely cannot ignore or avoid. It’s your hard earned money at stake after all. It is also one of those things that you don’t really want to spend too much time doing. It sometimes also ends up being one of those things that you avoid doing, out of shyness or out of some misplaced fear of irritating your clients.

Why should you be shy? Why should you not pester a client that does not pay on time? Even if you are trying to protect your long term customer relationship, wouldn’t it be nicer if consistent follow-ups did happen and you could blame it all on some automated system that is doing it! Sign up and check out such a system.