Bulk Edit Your Data Using Excel Sheets

Data stored in excel sheets comes in handy in several scenarios, including while mirgrating to or setting up a new system. Most softwares these days allow importing and exporting data in excel friendly formats. If they don’t, that’s a bad omen!

Firmzen supports importing new data and exporting existing data from excel sheets in format friendly ways. Increasing the utility of those excel sheets, you can now update a large chunk of your existing data in Firmzen using excel sheets. An example scenario where this comes in handy – importing your Client information gradually. You can first import basic Client details such as Name and Contact Info to get going. Thereafter, at a later point in time, you can upload another excel sheet and provide further details about existing Clients’ records in Firmzen.

Bulk Edit – Do More With Less Effort

Say a due date is approaching for 10 Clients simultaneously and you want to dispatch one more email to all those Clients. Or maybe, you worked on 10 different Tasks today and want to post a common comment to ask your colleague to check your work before finalization. Or maybe, you need to update information about 10 Clients and you wish to associate one contact person with all these.

You need not put in 10 times the effort to address either of the above, as opposed to what you would if you were doing the said action for 1 Client or Task or Reminder. Select multiple items at once – in any of Firmzen’s modules, and apply a bulk action to selected items!