Companies House Deadline Tracking Made Easy

In the UK, companies choose their own year end. Companies in UK report to two entities – HMRC and Companies House. These entities are separate and the year end with one need not be the same as that with the other. This makes tracking all compliance deadlines challenging, not just for companies, but more so for accountants who manage hundreds of such companies.

The HMRC year end is agreed between the company and HMRC. The deadlines are: Nine months and one day for the tax payments and 12 months for the accounts. Continue reading

Personalize, white label with Firm and Invoice Logos

It’s time for logos and profile pics! We’re happy to release several personalization and white-labeling options today. From something as simple as putting up your profile picture, to customizing your Invoice to reflect your brand, to improving brand recall during online client collaboration.

The look of your Invoices is now far more controllable with options to customize the layout, colors and the ability to put your logo on them! Another heavily requested ability – is that to put your own logo on the login screen, especially to ensure when you grant your clients access to their portal, they land on a screen that reflects your brand, one that they know.

Consolidated Updates On Clients

Fragmentation is one of the biggest issues and consolidation a big problem in managing Professional Services firms. Data is spread all across systems, people, files, emails etc. Creating and following unified and standardized processes is the backbone of any growing firm. Technology is unavoidably at the center of these processes. But technology itself isn’t always fragmentation-proof.

Take a simple scenario for example – a CPA firm is using a software that manages workflow, tasks, bills, documents etc. for its clients. Different employees of the CPA firm handle specific areas for this client. Status updates are posted all the time. Continue reading

Client Collaboration

Simplicity is good, minimalism is good, but neither justify the absence of abilities. Effectiveness is essential. If it doesn’t solve the problem, it is useless, no matter how pretty or simple. This line of thought isn’t just for softwares, it feels valid in many more contexts. Firmzen is arguably one of the most comprehensive practice management solutions for Service oriented firms. The problem we’ve set out to solve is complicated and varied and deserves an elaborate solution. This need not contradict simplicity, it just makes maintaining the simplicity challenging – a challenge we love to take on everytime we work on evolving the product and more so everytime we work on something big.

Today, we’re pleased to announce the release of something big – Client Collaboration Continue reading

Custom Fields Designer – Build Your Own App

About a month ago, when we introduced the ability to define your own client information structure (Custom Fields) for our beta testers. We knew it would be a useful feature for our users (because you told us) but we had no idea it would be so useful that our users would outgrow the abilities within days. We saw tens and in some cases hundreds of custom fields being added to the client’s information structure and soon the feature became difficult to consume. We heard from you again, we heard you again and we’re out with another major step forward in making your lives easier. Introducing – a visual Custom Fields Designer.

Continue reading

Store Additional Information About Clients

You can now store additional information about your Clients such as date of formation or birth, tax registration numbers etc. This is an intermediate update while we work on making this list of fields customizable. The vision is to let you define your information structure via custom fields.

As we work towards the eventual Custom Fields update, we’ve tried to make this list of available fields elaborate. If we’ve missed out on something that you wish to associate and store with Clients, please drop us a line.