Invoice Templates And Custom Numbering

If you raise Invoices on behalf of multiple Firms, this update is extremely beneficial for you. You can now store multiple Invoice templates in Firmzen and apply the relevant template when generating an Invoice.

With multiple templates, there comes the obvious need for maintaining independent numbering series with each template. We’ve taken this a step further and developed a Custom Invoice Numbering system, which you can use to generate Invoice numbers of your choice and pattern. For example – INV-1, ABC/2014/1 etc.

Custom Fields Designer – Build Your Own App

About a month ago, when we introduced the ability to define your own client information structure (Custom Fields) for our beta testers. We knew it would be a useful feature for our users (because you told us) but we had no idea it would be so useful that our users would outgrow the abilities within days. We saw tens and in some cases hundreds of custom fields being added to the client’s information structure and soon the feature became difficult to consume. We heard from you again, we heard you again and we’re out with another major step forward in making your lives easier. Introducing – a visual Custom Fields Designer.

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Better Manage Your Lists Of Data

Data keeps getting bigger, doesn’t it? There’s so much to track that inevitably your lists keep getting bigger. Lists of Clients, Tasks, Contacts and much more. Managing these becomes a challenge. Here’s an effort to take on this challenge.

In all modules of Firmzen, wherever you see a list of items, you can use several customization options to design the look and content of those lists based on your taste and requirement. View tables or streams of data, choose the amount of information required, group data differently.

Custom Brand Email And SMS Reminders

SMS and Email reminders can be automatically sent every time an important due date approaches. Additional reminder configuration options have been introduced. You can put your own brand on any outgoing communication, via Email or SMS.

You can now configure Firmzen to use your mail server instead of its own to route these emails. This effectively means emails get sent as if created from within your Email account. They are visible in your Email client’s Sent items. SMS reminders can also be custom branded using a sender display name of your choice.


Store Additional Information About Clients

You can now store additional information about your Clients such as date of formation or birth, tax registration numbers etc. This is an intermediate update while we work on making this list of fields customizable. The vision is to let you define your information structure via custom fields.

As we work towards the eventual Custom Fields update, we’ve tried to make this list of available fields elaborate. If we’ve missed out on something that you wish to associate and store with Clients, please drop us a line.