Bulk Edit Your Data Using Excel Sheets

Data stored in excel sheets comes in handy in several scenarios, including while mirgrating to or setting up a new system. Most softwares these days allow importing and exporting data in excel friendly formats. If they don’t, that’s a bad omen!

Firmzen supports importing new data and exporting existing data from excel sheets in format friendly ways. Increasing the utility of those excel sheets, you can now update a large chunk of your existing data in Firmzen using excel sheets. An example scenario where this comes in handy – importing your Client information gradually. You can first import basic Client details such as Name and Contact Info to get going. Thereafter, at a later point in time, you can upload another excel sheet and provide further details about existing Clients’ records in Firmzen.

IT-Enable Your Practice In Minutes With Excel Import

Growing volume of clients, but you’re still not sure if you should invest into IT enabling your practice?

A sentiment we come across a lot, one of the first and most frequently expressed reactions: “I have thousands of clients. All that data is already fed into an excel sheet or another software that I use for filing taxes. I don’t have the time or patience to enter each client’s information into a system, one by one, all over again”. Well, we understand and agree, and we’ve ensured that you don’t have to. Introducing Bulk Import – using excel sheets.  Continue reading