Personalize, white label with Firm and Invoice Logos

It’s time for logos and profile pics! We’re happy to release several personalization and white-labeling options today. From something as simple as putting up your profile picture, to customizing your Invoice to reflect your brand, to improving brand recall during online client collaboration.

The look of your Invoices is now far more controllable with options to customize the layout, colors and the ability to put your logo on them! Another heavily requested ability – is that to put your own logo on the login screen, especially to ensure when you grant your clients access to their portal, they land on a screen that reflects your brand, one that they know.

Automate Payment Follow-Ups With Invoice Reminders

If you’ve ever billed a client, and have had to follow up multiple times for pending payments, this post will resonate. Pending payment follow ups – it is one of those things that you absolutely cannot ignore or avoid. It’s your hard earned money at stake after all. It is also one of those things that you don’t really want to spend too much time doing. It sometimes also ends up being one of those things that you avoid doing, out of shyness or out of some misplaced fear of irritating your clients.

Why should you be shy? Why should you not pester a client that does not pay on time? Even if you are trying to protect your long term customer relationship, wouldn’t it be nicer if consistent follow-ups did happen and you could blame it all on some automated system that is doing it! Sign up and check out such a system.

Invoice Templates And Custom Numbering

If you raise Invoices on behalf of multiple Firms, this update is extremely beneficial for you. You can now store multiple Invoice templates in Firmzen and apply the relevant template when generating an Invoice.

With multiple templates, there comes the obvious need for maintaining independent numbering series with each template. We’ve taken this a step further and developed a Custom Invoice Numbering system, which you can use to generate Invoice numbers of your choice and pattern. For example – INV-1, ABC/2014/1 etc.

Automate Recurring Invoices

This is an update we ourselves were most eagerly awaiting and we’re thrilled at the way it has turned out. Introducing – a simple way to automate recurring Invoices.

You can now automate the generation of Invoices with a very flexible schedule configurator. If you have plenty of clients that you bill to on a recurring basis and if you are doing it manually, you are definitely definitely doing it wrong, most certainly wasting a lot of time.  Continue reading

Generate A Fully Ready Invoice In One Click

Firmzen has always been focused on 3 core areas – to-do list automation, reminder automation and integrated Invoicing. This is, very broadly, the basic cycle that any Service oriented firm repeats several times for several clients. Planning for work, assigning work, tracking, reminding people involved and finally billing for work (sometimes the other way round, sure).

The more this cycle is optimized, the less time you spend on these operational activities, increasing your capacity to take up more work and subsequently increasing revenues. Continue reading


We’re happy to introduce support for Firmzen Customers across the globe. This update packs features such as multiple currencies, configurable fiscal year and much more. This is thanks to our CPA users who’ve guided us in getting this right. If you do not find the Currency option that you wish to use or find a geographically induced requirement missing in Firmzen, please drop us a line. Coming soon, is support for sending International SMS reminders.

Multiple Taxes In Invoices

Many Firms we come across still generate invoices manually. Digitally, but manually. The most common reason shared is the flexibility and customizability that a Word or PDF Editor provides.

In our opinion, that’s actually a very valid reason and depicts the general human tendency of why we adopt or resist technology. The moment technology becomes limiting (knowing my Invoices will HAVE to be structured according the the format followed by a certain software), resistance is natural.  Continue reading

Invoicing And Payment Tracking

While it was previously difficult for high volume service providers to ensure billable work or collection doesn’t leak through the bucket, now it is impossible for anyone to forget to bill for a task – or collect money for the same – no matter how high the volume of work and clients.

It’s finally here. The big release we’ve been working on for a while. We’re proud to release a grand and brand new core feature in Firmzen - Invoicing and Payment tracking.  Continue reading