Categorize Your Services

Service, is a term that obviously the Service Industry relates with the most. It often signifies a well defined set of processes the Business follows for its Clients. Creating a list of Services in Firmzen, is in a way, creating a digital representation of your Business or Practice. You can now categorize your Services and logically group the related ones together.

Staying true to our tradition, here’s an example application of this feature in relation to the Accounting Industry. All Services related to a certain Act, such as the Income Tax Act can be grouped together. This enables you to filter your data throughout Firmzen on the basis of your Service categories.

Find Answers To All Your Practice Related Queries

Data, data, data! There’s a plethora of data that you (should) capture on a day to day basis managing your Practice. There are lists everywhere – lists of Tasks, Clients, Invoices and more. And with a growing practice, these lists tend to grow exponentially. Capturing data in day to day operations is essential but it makes sense only when you interpet it, with the fitlers that you want.

Today Firmzen introduces advanced multi-query search capability that allows you to slice and dice your data the way you want with as many filters as you want. Continue reading