Manage work for clients with different year ends and deadlines

A fiscal year is basically a one year period used for calculating financial statements related to an organization. It is used as a reference period to adjudge an organization’s recent financial performance. A fiscal year need not coincide with a calendar year. In some countries, the fiscal year is from April 1 to March 31 next year. In others it is 1 July to June 30 next year and in some, it is actually consistent with the calendar year – 1 January to 31 December.

The twisted bit is – in several parts of the world, businesses are allowed to select their own fiscal year! Continue reading

Crowdsourced Services Library

Till today, Firmzen offered “technology” value only, so to say. Today, we’re proud to add “content” value to the offering also.

We’re happy to introduce the Services Library – a crowdsourced list of services offered by Professional Services firms all across the globe. Professionals such as accountants, company secretaries etc. that are using Firmzen, all over the world have contributed to this library, and we’ re eternally grateful to our customer community.

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Categorize Your Services

Service, is a term that obviously the Service Industry relates with the most. It often signifies a well defined set of processes the Business follows for its Clients. Creating a list of Services in Firmzen, is in a way, creating a digital representation of your Business or Practice. You can now categorize your Services and logically group the related ones together.

Staying true to our tradition, here’s an example application of this feature in relation to the Accounting Industry. All Services related to a certain Act, such as the Income Tax Act can be grouped together. This enables you to filter your data throughout Firmzen on the basis of your Service categories.