Announcing Support For International SMS

This one’s for all our users from USA, UK, Uganda, Malta & India - we’re excited to announce support for sending international SMSs using Firmzen.

The experience is as seamless as before. You create your SMS or select a predefined template, enter recipients (even mix and match recipients from all over the globe for a single SMS if required) and Send the message! Firmzen takes care of using the appropriate gateways behind the scenes to ensure fastest, most reliable delivery and cheapest costs!

Why should sending SMSs from a computer be any more complex than sending emails the way we do? It shouldn’t. With this release, on Firmzen, it isn’t.

Automate Payment Follow-Ups With Invoice Reminders

If you’ve ever billed a client, and have had to follow up multiple times for pending payments, this post will resonate. Pending payment follow ups – it is one of those things that you absolutely cannot ignore or avoid. It’s your hard earned money at stake after all. It is also one of those things that you don’t really want to spend too much time doing. It sometimes also ends up being one of those things that you avoid doing, out of shyness or out of some misplaced fear of irritating your clients.

Why should you be shy? Why should you not pester a client that does not pay on time? Even if you are trying to protect your long term customer relationship, wouldn’t it be nicer if consistent follow-ups did happen and you could blame it all on some automated system that is doing it! Sign up and check out such a system.

Custom Brand Email And SMS Reminders

SMS and Email reminders can be automatically sent every time an important due date approaches. Additional reminder configuration options have been introduced. You can put your own brand on any outgoing communication, via Email or SMS.

You can now configure Firmzen to use your mail server instead of its own to route these emails. This effectively means emails get sent as if created from within your Email account. They are visible in your Email client’s Sent items. SMS reminders can also be custom branded using a sender display name of your choice.


Schedule SMS and Email Reminders

Firmzen now enables scheduling and automatically sending SMS and Email reminders to your contacts. For repeatable tasks, such reminders can be configured to be automatically sent X days in advance, every time the task’s due date approaches.

This effectively means that you can automate the process of reminding several hundreds or thousands of clients for any monthly / quarterly / annual Compliance related activities such as Income Tax Return filing, Service Tax payment or simply for a one-off pending bill payment.

This update facilitates doing a whole day or two’s work in a couple of minutes and the benefit amplifies when used with recurring tasks. You wouldn’t need to remember to remind your clients anymore.