User Privileges And Roles, Access Restriction

This update enables setting granular Privileges or rules for Users, restricting or allowing access to different modules. A set of such rules can be combined together to create User Roles. It is an easy and thorough way to define what certain Users can see and what they can edit in Firmzen.

Firmzen is being used by teams of varying sizes – from a one man army to a 100 people Firm. As the team size grows, so does the complexity around maintaining separation of concerns. Having smaller teams within teams and restricting access to certain information from certain levels of Users. That’s what this update aims at.

Deactivate Or Delete User Accounts

You can now deactivate user accounts in your Firmzen team. This will disallow those users from logging in to Firmzen. Alternately, you can choose to delete the user account entirely.

The benefit of deactivating over deleting is that any data related to the user account is retained along with faithfully reproducing the real world action of disallowing access to your Practice’s data. Deleting a user account also deletes all data related to it.

Set Rules To Automate Task Allotment

Tasks or Sub-Tasks can be allotted to specific users in your team. But going by the automate as much as possible philosophy, Firmzen now enables you to automate work allotment to users based on some pre-configured rules.

If a person in the team handles all work related to a certain Client, you can associate the person with the Client and automate allotment of all related future work to that person. Likewise, if a similar relationship exists between your teammate and a certain type of Service, you can associate the teammate with the Service and all future work related to this Service will be automatically allotted.

A combination of the above can be applied too, to automatically assign all work of type Service X for Clients A, B, C to teammates Y and Z.