Tasks, Sub-Tasks, Sub-Sub-Tasks…

We love Workflowy - a to-do list creator that offers unlimited amount of nesting. It basically allows you to create to-dos or tasks to track, then split them into sub-tasks, then split each of those into sub-tasks, creating sub-sub-tasks and so on. You can create as many subs as you want. And it’s great! At least for some individuals, it really is.

It’s always good when technology isn’t limiting. When an app doesn’t enforce too many constraints and allows you to use it the way you want, or the way you expect it to work, it really sticks. It is liked, used, re-used. Continue reading

Assign Work To Designations Instead Of Users

Steps or Sub-Tasks can be assigned to User Designations instead of explicit Users. This implies that when you assign the main Task to a User, Firmzen automatically deduces which Sub-Tasks the User is responsible for and intimates them accordingly. It helps automate work allocation at a granular level without extra effort.

It may not sound like much, but having seen practical examples, this actually automates a lot of work in mid to large sized Practices. It helps you get more organized while reducing the effort required to do so.

Small Steps To An Organized Practice (Sub-Tasks)

Firmzen lets you define processes you follow at your Practice as a part of the Services you offer. If you specialize at a Service such as Incorporation or Fund-raising or a certain kind of Tax, more often than not – you have set processes in place for these jobs. With Firmzen, you can explicitly document these processes and create sub-tasks or Steps.

With every Service, you can specify the Steps that need to be followed to perform that type of work effectively. Continue reading