Easier time and expense tracking

Tracking your effort investment on a task is vital to be able to bill appropriately. Even if you bill on fixed fee basis, tracking your effort invested tells you whether you under or over charged your customers. It’s the most basic cost benefit analysis that should be considered when fixing future rates. Tracking this effort in the form of time and expense tracking related to tasks, has been a part of Firmzen for a while now.

In our professional lives, time and money is not always spent on a client facing task, is it? 

Self improvement through training programs, networking through conferences, internal planning are all important efforts that should be tracked over a period of time, to be able to look back and deduce the effort vis a vis effect in the future. Firmzen now makes it dead simple to track time spent through the day or money spent on behalf of your firm – be it client related or not. This is supplemented with the ability to view aggregate reports on the basis of clients, services, users – to be able to figure out the most time consuming clients, time consuming “types of jobs” and more.