Should I store my clients’ files on the cloud?

Paperless office isn’t a concept anymore. Soft copies have numerous advantages over physical files and folders, and we won’t repeat those here. In this day and age, the benefits of storing documents electronically for professional services firms are far too many and far too obvious. Moreover, there’s institutional acceptance also now. Generally speaking, you are legally permitted to store important business documents in the electronic form – although you should verify this for your geography and jurisdiction.

It’s now a question of how should you implement your electronic document management strategy, not whether you should do it. Continue reading

The Chartered Accountant’s Information Problem

If you have even a passing interest in project management / management information systems or in what Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries and Certified Public Accountants do (and why they always seem so stressed), then absolutely read on.

In February of 2012, we were approached by a Chartered Accountant (let’s call him Swapan) who had a seemingly simple problem. Swapan’s firm was growing, and he needed to ensure that across thousands of deliverables for his hundreds of clients, not a single one ever slipped through the cracks. Continue reading